Donít take our words for gospel, hereís a few words from some of the guys who have
been here and experienced it for themselves.  Happy Hunting and Book Soon! 


Jeff & Trevor    

"Truly an amazing hunt. Thanks, Jeff and Trevor! Your tireless scouting hours and professional guides. We killed 516 birds in 4 1/2 days. I have waterfowl hunting for 40 years and it doesn't get any better than your operation! Great job and we'll see you next year!"

Scott C. & the Jersey Crew


"We have hunted with Jeff and Trevor for the past 3 seasons and plan to be back for many more. You will not find a harder working, more dedicated crew. They are very knowledgeable waterfowl hunters, have excellent equipment, great accommodations, endless real-estate to hunt, understand the bird patterns, and work very hard to put you on the "X" every hunt. We have never experienced a shortage of birds or had a bad hunt. If you're a waterfowl enthusiast, you have to give Living Sky Outfitters a try."

Jim H. - Minnesota, USA


"The hunting at LivingSky Outfitters is second to none. Jeff, Trevor and the guys bust their butts to put us on the birds, add comic relief and make each hunt very memorable. If you're not hooked on Waterfowl hunting before you get to Bladworth, Saskatchewan, you will be when you leave!"

Matt P.


"Thanks again for the amazing hunt. I have hunted with multiple outfitters in the U.S.A., Canada and Africa. I just wanted to say I haven't hunted with anyone that works harder and is more devoted to making sure everyone has a great time. 721 birds in six days don't come without alot of hard work and great people!"

Dan M.


"For the third year in a row Jeff and Trevor have done such a great job providing once in a life time opportunities, that I have not even thought about hunting duck or geese when I get home! As always, the community of Bladworth, SK have welcomed my friends and I and treated us like family. So if you're tired of duck hunting and ready to be a duck killer, you need to look into becoming part of the Living Sky Outfitters family!"



"I've hunted with Living Sky Outfitters for the past seven years. Each year, the hunt is something to look forward too, and each year I'm just as surprised and impressed as I was the first year. Jeff and Trevor put great effort into the hunters success and more importantly, their good time."

Jacob J.


"Yes Sir, as a born and raised in Arkansas farmer, duck hunting is just a part of what we do. And over the years I have gotten the chance to enjoy a lot of breath taking moments while duck hunting. But I have never experienced it like this, every hunt of everyday, till I experienced duck hunting at it's finest with the guys at Livingsky Outfitters in Bladworth, SK Canada. Their community welcomes you and you're sure to make lifelong companions. Loved it and can't wait to see these guys again!!"

Brent D. - Arkansas, USA


"The hunting at Living Sky Outfitters was phenomenal. Great accommodations, great equipment, great guys! Will definitely repeat!"

Riley & Easton - Montana, USA


"Jeff and Trevor know how to make for great hunting. They are very serious about getting you set up where birds will be, and there are lots of birds there - I mean lots!!! Their accommodations are excellent and close to the birds. They are local farm boys with thousands of acres to hunt. They know the country like the back of their hand. It is undoubtedly the best goose hunting I have ever done."

Bill H. - Indiana, USA


"These guys have it going on!! If you are obsessed with waterfowl this is heaven. In waterfowl circles 100 bird do not happen very often. With Jeff and Trevor this is a daily occurrence. We have done the free lance thing several times before we got hooked with Trevor and Jeff. With these guys you just show up and plug yourself into their program. They have ten of thousand acres to hunt. You never hunt the same place twice. They do the scouting and clean the birds. Canít get any better. Anyone thinking about going to Saskatchewan save your time and money go with the Living Sky Outfitters, they are awesome!!!"

Jeff H. - Illinois, USA


"I had the good fortune in October of 2008 of being invited to experience Canadian waterfowl hunting with Living Sky Outfitters in Bladworth, Saskatchewan. I had been told how good it was and couldn't wait to get there. Jeff & Trevor put us on some of the most memorable hunts! They have the necessary blinds and decoys for all situations. Limits were common and expected. Experiencing thousands of snows in a funnel, giant Canada's locked up and coming to the spread or big grain fed greenheads hovering over the "robo" was the norm! We have been making this trip every year since 2008 and can't wait to return this October, 2013. If you want to experience waterfowl hunting at it's best, get in touch Jeff or Trevor. Make your own memories!!"

Neal C. - Virgina, USA


"Been hunting with Trevor & Jeff for 6 years now. The hunting is still as good if not better than the first year we came to Living Sky Outfitters. Accommodations and equipment is fantastic and the Guys are easy to get along with. We will be back for more!!"

Chis W. - Ohio, USA


"If you really want to hunt and have a good time doing it, Living Sky Outfitters, in Bladworth, SK is where you want to go. Trevor & Jeff go above and beyond to put you on ducks and geese in every hunt. I get a sense that if we were not successful, they would consider their job undone. Thatís somebody who takes pride in what they do. Thatís who I want to hunt with! Weíll be back for our third year this Fall."

Jay R. - Virgina, USA


"You don't get bruises like this trimming weeds!!"


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