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Our goal at Living Sky is to give you a great hunt!


No gimmicks or excuses, just world class hunting.  Two hunts a day, everyday!  Most all of your hunting is done in the harvested fields.


Lay down blinds work well in the wheat and barley stubble and we also use a custom built “stand up blind”, which we’ve enjoyed tremendous success in!  White coveralls are still called for from time to time when hunting the white geese.  Our Snow rig consists of some 35 dozen G&H shells as well as full bodied Avery decoys.  Goose magnets and windsocks are also added in for motion.


Full bodied Avery decoys are used in both Canada and Speck spreads as well as G&H shells.  Same goes for the ducks but don’t forget to add in some motion decoys as well.  Although this is a full participation hunt, it is easy work and enjoyable.  Our gear is all stored in large trailers for easy take down and setup.  30 minutes gives us enough time to set up 400 decoys.


Usually we hunt geese in the morning and ducks in the afternoon.  If you happen to limit out on ducks in the morning we can always upland hunt in the afternoon instead.  Anyway, you will get two hunts daily!


Of course this is a migration not a destination so the birds may not always agree with my “professional opinion”


What waterfowler doesn’t like to hunt Canadas.  Be it the big giants, who can weigh 10-16 lbs or their small cousins the Lesser.  Canada Goose hunting is just plain exciting.  Their willingness to decoy makes them truly a joy to hunt.  We find that early in the season around September 15 – October 1, depending on weather, the giants are common and fairly easy hunting.  Then they somewhat “disappear” when the Snows show up.  That’s when we start getting a lot of the Lessers.  After it cools down and the snows move on, the Giants “reappear” and there is very good hunting right up till freeze up in November.


Ah Specks.  My personal favorite!  They can be a very wary bird but the right spot with the right spread on the right day and WOW!  It doesn’t get any better.  They generally fly at first light and are among the first arrivals to the field each morning.  We quite often get specks as part of our mixed bag which usually happens daily.  Specks don’t seem to like cool weather which makes the early part of the season the best time to harvest this beautiful bird, however, I have seen them here right till freeze up.


Snows / Blues /  Ross Geese
If you like to shoot a lot, then these are the geese for you.  We have a very big population of white geese during the fall and spring migrations which makes hunting these geese one of our favorite hunts.  While white geese are “spooky” once they reach the south, they are still fairly “quiet” here and we regularly have great success hunting them.  If you have ever been under one of the great white “tornados” you understand when I say it’s absolute mayhem.


Widgeon, Gadwall, and Pintails all grace the grain fields each day.  Oh, did I forget to mention Mallards.  Big  fat Mallards.  Grain fed and oh so tasty!  Dry fields are where we do most of our duck hunting.  We have exceptional success with this style of hunting and limits are a daily occurrence.  The landscape is dotted with potholes so if you were wanting to maybe “puddle hunt” for  teal as well as the other species we are willing, able and ready.  Ducks are plentiful right through the whole season.  As the weather turns cooler and the small potholes begin to free, the Teal, Widgeon, Gadwall and Pintails all head to warmer destinations.  But this is when the big o’l green heads really come into their own.  The color is perfect and the hunting is hot.  This generally happens around the 15th of October until freeze up.  I’ve hunted duck right into the middle of November on more than one occasion.



Sandhill Cranes
For those of you who like hunting Sandhills, we got 'em!!! Early season is the time to go after them as they are among the first birds to head south! When a limit of ducks is taken in the morning, hunting Sandhills is a very enjoyable evening hunt!


Not famous for upland hunting, our area still holds good numbers of Sharp-tail grouse and Hungarian Partridge.  Hunters that have had a temporary fill of waterfowling always enjoy an afternoon of chasing “Huns” or “Chickens” around.  They are exciting birds to hunt and lots of fun.

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