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Although water fowl is Living Sky Outfitters ďclaim to fameĒ donít count us out for a very good Whitetail hunting trip.  We have countless miles of hunting territory so we guarantee you will see lots of deer.  Spot and Stalk is our most productive means of harvesting deer here but tree stands or ground blinds will be used in different situations.  The Whitetail season is on during the heat of the rut so the bucks are on the move.  You will see dozens of bucks in the 110ís to 120ís B/C.  Every year we harvest bucks in the 130ís to the high 140ís and regularly get a few in the 150ís.  There are definitely bigger ones out there.  The valleys and bluffs hold deer during the day and in the morning, evenings they are found in the farmers fields.  If you want an exciting hunt, see lots of deer and the opportunity to harvest a big Central Saskatchewan Whitetail, then Living Sky Outfitters is the place to be.

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